Change Healthcare Updates

On February 21, 2024, Change Healthcare experienced an outage that significantly impacted its technology systems. Change Healthcare is one of the largest healthcare organizations that manages essential functions within the healthcare system, including authorizing patient care and coverage, processing insurance claims, facilitating clinical information exchange between patients, medical providers, and insurance carriers, and managing the processing of drug prescriptions (electronic and manual).

As a result of the impact on their systems, patients could experience possible difficulties with any of the following:

❑ Difficulty in obtaining prescriptions from pharmacies.

❑ Delays in scheduling care appointments.

❑ Delays in receiving, or ability to pay, bills electronically.

❑ Interruptions in your healthcare providers’ ability to verify insurance coverage, process insurance claims, receive payments/insurance reimbursements, exchange clinical records, provide cost estimates, and bill patients for services rendered.

We understand the importance of timely access to healthcare services and medications, and we want to ensure that you are informed and encourage our patients to plan accordingly for any medical care or prescription needed during this time.

While this incident is outside of our control, we are closely monitoring the developments of this situation and will communicate additional information on this page when available.