Combine Forces With The Nation’s Premier Oral Surgery Practices

There are approximately 7,500 oral surgeons practicing in the U.S., and 94% of them operate independently. As other dental specialties add overlapping services driving increased competition, becoming part of U.S. Oral Surgery Management gives you a competitive advantage.

Becoming part of the network gives you the power to work together to fuel innovation, clinical excellence and steadier more profitable growth for all. Our sustainable partnership model creates a platform for aligning best clinical practices to support exceptional patient outcomes. Our purpose is to help you enhance your clinical mission and in turn, your continued success today and tomorrow.

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We help you enhance your clinical mission and your success

U.S. Oral Surgery Management offers a wide array of operational, financial and marketing services that help you grow your practice – and your legacy – the way you want to. We leave the clinical decision making to you while we take care of the rest, enabling you to focus on your patients and family.

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The USOSM Difference

Oral surgeons face a number of challenges, including relentless administrative tasks, stiff competition from other specialties, and limited marketing or business analytics resources. Partnership with U.S. Oral Surgery Management helps you grow and future-proof your practice without giving up control, making an immediate difference you can see.

24 Surgeons
19 Locations
XX Patients in 2017

The USOSM Promise

We offer a unique opportunity for established oral surgeons in the country to partner, collaborate, and grow their practices together, while retaining control of their clinical decision making. We’re here to support you in your long term goals, not eliminate your company brand and legacy you’ve already built.