USOSM Seeks Owner Partnerships, Not Employees

Partnering with U.S. Oral Surgery Management means becoming an equity owner in the company. We’re here to support you in reaching new levels of success. Our oral surgery partners have significant influence in our governance, making this a mutually beneficial  relationship.

Gain Competitive Advantage in the Oral Surgery Market

There are approximately 7,500 oral surgeons practicing in the U.S., and 94% of them operate independently. As other dental specialties add overlapping services driving increased competition, becoming part of U.S. Oral Surgery Management gives you a competitive advantage and puts you ahead of the pack.

Challenges Facing Oral Surgeons

Oral surgery may be one of the most profitable dental specialties, but surgeons are facing new challenges from other specialties’ expansion into overlapping services. Becoming a USOSM partner helps you regain revenue and improve efficiencies so your practice can continue to compete in this changing market.

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Your Ownership Stake

As an oral surgery partner in U.S. Oral Surgery Management, you’ll maintain an ownership stake in the company and benefit not only from your own growth, but the growth of other surgeons in our network.