We Know the Business of Building and Growing Oral Surgery Practices

We’ve assembled a group of first-rate business leaders who are well versed in the challenges and opportunities of oral surgery and the healthcare market as a whole. You will see first hand how our leadership team values your input and will partner with you for continued success.

Richard J. Hall
President and Chief Executive Officer
Colin S. Bell, DDS, MSD
Chief Clinical Officer
Vincent Perciaccante, DDS, FACS
Chief Clinical Officer
Henry Moomaw
Chief Financial Officer
Alisa Ulrey
Chief Operating Officer
Erik Pahl
General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer
Jim Sloan
Chief Development Officer
Chad Ehmke
Chief Information Officer
Annette Igl
Chief Human Resources Officer
Reid Wilson
Vice President of Human Resources
Nathan Kim
Vice President, Business Development
Robert Manning
Vice President, Business Development
Mary Nixon
Vice President of Practice Transition
Ashley Leffingwell
Vice President, Controller
Todd Koleszar CTP, FPAC
Senior Vice President of FP&A
Melissa Winfield
Senior Vice President, Operations
Susan Strittmatter
Vice President, Revenue
Maureen McCann
Vice President of Strategic Initiatives
Lyle Rountree
Vice President of Marketing Services