USOSM Provides Expert Guidance for Your Business Journey

Our highly-experienced Clinical Governance Board at U.S. Oral Surgery Management (USOSM) brings leadership and healthcare experience to the table. Members of our Clinical Governance Board are practicing oral and maxillofacial surgeons themselves, not to mention well-respected leaders in their field. In addition, many of them have written and lectured extensively on many topics affecting oral and maxillofacial surgery clinics across the nation. This means they know firsthand what it takes to make their practices succeed and are dedicated to helping you succeed as well. Our oral surgery management company partners with a premier group of oral and maxillofacial surgeons to pave the way for clinical and financial excellence, leading to practice growth and operational efficiency strides for our many network members. Together, we have the power to achieve more in the present … and in the future!

We Always Have Your Practice’s Best Interests at Heart

When you decide to partner with U.S. Oral Surgery Management, you can be assured that our Clinical Governance Board members always have your practice’s best interests at heart. We focus on helping you streamline your clinic’s operations, so you can focus on providing outstanding care for your patients. While your practice remains independent with decisions being ultimately up to you, you can rely on our active Clinical Governance Board to advise you on the highest clinical quality standards. We’ll keep you well-informed on a broad range of topics affecting your professional development and your practice’s operations. Please contact us to learn more about the many benefits of collaborating with the extensive network provided by USOSM. We welcome diverse feedback.

Meet Our Dedicated Clinical Governance Board Members

At U.S. Oral Surgery Management, our goal is always to do things better. That’s because we’re committed to delivering measurable results for our growing network of members. This begins by having the most experienced board of directors in place to make the important but tough decisions facing our oral surgery management company every day. Please take a few moments to get better acquainted with the friendly faces behind the USOSM Clinical Governance Board. Additional Clinical Governance Board members may be added in the near future to serve your practice’s ongoing needs:

Colin S. Bell, DDS, MSD
Chief Clinical Officer
Dr. Thomas S. Weil, DDS, MD
Chair of Clinical Governance Board
Douglas J. Dingwerth, DMD, MD
J. David Johnson, DDS
Gregg L. Lurcott, DDS
Vincent J. Perciaccante DDS, FACS
Chief Clinical Officer, CGB Secretary
Vincent Montgomery, DMD
Lisa N. Tran, DDS, MD, FACS
Joby E. Jaberi, DDS, MD, MBA
Scott Rake, DMD
Brian H. Stone, DDS, MD
Dr. M. Todd Brandt, DDS, MD