Achieve Success with USOSM

U.S. Oral Surgery Management (USOSM) offers oral surgeons a unique opportunity to partner, collaborate, and grow their practice. Investing in USOSM means you join forces with a premier group of oral surgeons committed to driving clinical and financial excellence, practice growth and operational efficiencies. Our management service organization creates a sustainable partnership model that fuels innovation, clinical excellence and  steadier, more profitable growth for all.

We offer scalable solutions that streamline operations which allows you to focus on the care of your patients. Our comprehensive resources meet your every need, from acquisition and management expertise to professional recruitment and marketing.

As a U.S. Oral Surgery Management partner, your clinical practice always remains yours. You stay focused on delivering the best care to your patients and their families, while we, your partners, handle the rest.

To ensure patient outcomes and clinical excellence guide our decision making, we require surgeon representation in our governance through active participation in our Clinical Governance Board. The Clinical Governance Board provides a voice in the management of a broad range of network activities including the highest clinical quality standards, conducting thorough compliance assessments, and professional development through continuing education programs and study clubs.

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Take Your Practice to the Next Level

U.S. Oral Surgery Management was founded to help oral surgeons survive and thrive in the changing healthcare landscape. As a shared-resource organization, USOSM offers surgeons an equity stake in the network, rapid expansion opportunities through direct-to-consumer marketing, and greater operational efficiencies to increase patient volume and care.

When you become a partner; you get an ownership stake in the largest and fastest-growing oral surgeon network in the country while maintaining control over your own business.

Our Executive Team

Only the most elite leaders in the industry are invited to partner with U.S. Oral Surgery Management, ensuring high-quality collaboration and a continued legacy of excellence for our oral surgery partners.

Our Approach

The U.S. Oral Surgery Management approach is truly patient focused and surgeon oriented. By only working with the best in the business, we ensure our network achieves the same reputation and legacy of excellence and outcomes our oral surgery partners have worked hard to build.

U.S. Oral Surgery Management Approach