USOSM Is The Oral Surgery Partner You Need for Continued Success

Being an oral surgeon at the top of your game is only part of the equation for success. Competition is increasing while business operations are getting more complex, making it harder for practices to survive and thrive — or predict their future outcomes.

Becoming part of our network, not only gives you the scalability and security you need to outpace market uncertainty, but gives you the revenue opportunities that you could not find elsewhere.


Benefits of Partnership

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Stake a larger claim in the $14 billion oral surgery market by becoming an owner in the fastest-growing, largest oral surgery shared-resource network in the country.

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Focus on patient outcomes and experience while our expert team makes your front and back offices operate more efficiently.

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Our direct-to-consumer marketing means a more targeted patient acquisition and ongoing engagement, for a growing and thriving practice.

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Our team of leading business experts and premier oral surgeons will serve as mentors and market strategists to help you make the right business decisions when it counts most.

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We Offer Shelter from a Changing Healthcare Environment

Today’s healthcare landscape is rapidly evolving, transforming the practice of oral surgery as you know it. We see the headwinds you are facing. Our network of premier oral surgeons works not only to help you weather those gusts that threaten your practice but also successfully outpace them.

U.S. Oral Surgery Management provides expertise in:

  • Clinical Operations
  • Data Analytics & Reporting
  • Market Research & ROI Evaluation
  • Sophisticated Direct to Consumer Marketing
  • Regulatory Compliance & Advocacy
  • Government Affairs
  • Strategic Planning
  • Group Purchasing
  • Managed Care Contracting

Surgeon Autonomy

A partnership for the future, U.S. Oral Surgery Management is committed to sustaining the management of your legacy of high-quality clinical care throughout the communities you serve, under the brand you have tirelessly built. It is your vision that we are here to support.

Our affiliated partner practices provide leadership and direction for:

  • Referral Relationships
  • Treatment Planning
  • Clinical Care
  • Scheduling
  • Branding
  • Local Community Identity
  • Personal and Professional Legacy

Investment Opportunities

When you invest in U.S. Oral Surgery Management, you gain equity ownership in the fastest growing, largest oral surgery network in the country. Important stakeholders, surgeon partners have significant influence in the governance of USOSM. Through our Clinical Governance Board, affiliated practice partners have a strong voice in the management of a broad range of network activities, including achieving the highest clinical quality standards, conducting thorough compliance assessments, recruiting well-qualified clinical professionals, and enhancing professional development through continuing education programs and study clubs.

By partnering in the nation’s premier oral surgeon network, you immediately gain access to scheduling and operational efficiencies to increase your procedure volume. Our direct marketing to consumer strategies allow you to quickly build and expand upon your patient base, resulting in higher collections and compensation.

Other key benefits of investing in USOSM include:

  • Insulation from Competitive Pressures
  • Innovative Practice Growth Opportunities
  • Best Practices and Diversified, Leading-Edge Technology and Procedures
  • Professional Development