Job Opportunities with U.S. Oral Surgery Management

Welcome to our careers page! When you join U.S. Oral Surgery Management, you become part of a premier network of the country’s top oral surgeons, working together to drive innovation, growth, and operational efficiency for secure and thriving practices. Our one-of-a-kind model creates a world-class network dedicated to aligning patient care around shared operational and clinical best practices for the benefit of all.

Job Openings at the Partner Support Center in Irving, Texas

To search through the job openings at our Practice Support Center, located in Irving, Texas, please click here.

Why Work with Us?

At U.S. Oral Surgery Management, we were founded on the concept that service is the key to success. When you partner with us, you don’t just become a part of our ever-growing family. You will also acquire an ownership stake in the largest and fastest-growing oral surgeon network in the country while simultaneously maintaining control over your own business. We understand the importance of community; that’s why we strive to gather enthusiastic, dedicated professionals who are committed to a career path that offers more profitable growth for all. Together, we have the power to achieve more. At USOSM, it is of utmost importance that our culture reflects the type of company we are all striving to build; one of collaboration, integrity, passion, and transparency. Of course, we would love to keep growing, but beyond this scope is an endless desire to be the oral surgery management company that is most admired for its people, partnership model, and performance. Our company values revolve around this concept of collective power; the power to keep achieving more together and watching as our partnership model helps others grow in their careers. For a better understanding of what we mean by the word power, here’s a breakdown:

  • Passion for Patient Care – This is our first value because everything we do at USOSM revolves around unrivaled patient care. To us, this is what is really important.
  • Outstanding Results – There is no other alternative for us. Success, no matter how big or small, is what continues to drive us to achieve greatness.
  • Winning Attitude – Embracing the right mindset, exhibiting the right behaviors, and executing the right actions. This is how we all win!
  • Embracing Continuous Improvement – We are a forward-thinking company with the conviction that we should always be bettering ourselves!
  • Respect for Self and Others – Our culture is built on trust and genuine respect, whether it’s to our patients or peers. It’s up to us to lead by example!

We have the Power to achieve more… together! Are you looking to learn more about our job opportunities? Be sure to look for the email address at the bottom of this page.

Are you interested in a career with the fastest growing, largest oral surgery network in the country? Email for our current job listings! We look forward to hearing from you.