Compliance and Reporting

Expert Oral Surgery Practice Management

Managing a practice of any kind is a big commitment, particularly in handling the more challenging aspects of a business. Compliance and reporting are both essential in all medical practices, but for physicians and other medical professionals who aren’t well versed in administrative duties, the managerial side of practice management is rife with pitfalls. U.S. Oral Surgery Management employees are highly qualified in maintaining compliance to prevent legal issues and any possible ramifications of inadequate reporting.

Legislative and regulatory expertise

At U.S. Oral Surgery Management, we are dedicated to staying abreast of legislative changes at the federal and state level that can impact our partners and the oral surgery industry at large. We attend legislative board meetings and continually review laws and developing legislation to make sure no detail is missed. When things change, we implement all requirements that regulatory bodies dictate as soon as possible to reduce the likelihood of compliance issues and potential fees or penalties.

We take a leading role in assessing the policies of each partner to ensure all doctors and staff are performing work that complies with regulations, including HIPAA, Stark laws, and anti-kickback laws, as well as maintaining board compliance. We also make sure all partners have the technology and equipment needed to enforce HIPAA and other regulatory requirements.

Risk mitigation

Risk is an ever-present part of management in the medical field, but it’s our job to identify potential problem areas in your practice and provide alternate methodology to mitigate threats to your success.

Our experts in risk assessment and management will fully evaluate your processes, identify areas that may create risks to your business, and work to create effective alternatives that don’t compromise the patient experience.

Billing and claims management

Proper billing can make or break a practice, particularly when improper practices lead to issues with insurance providers, patient complaints, or risk of fraud. Our team provides audits of clinical claims to ensure billing procedures and claims submissions are accurate and ethical. From billing codes to timely and efficient processes, we can make sure all your bases are covered. We can also help you with ERP selection and implementation.

On-call access to our experts

While we do our best to make sure all details are covered for our clients, there will likely be questions and concerns from time to time. To make sure no stone goes unturned, we provide consistent access to an on-call expert who can answer your questions, alleviate concerns, provide updates, and review processes to help your clinic succeed.

If you are considering oral surgery practice management support from the team at U.S. Oral Surgery Management, we are happy to partner with you. Please contact us today for a consultation or to learn more about our opportunities.

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