Help with Finances for Your Oral Surgery Practice

In the medical field, the primary concern is always the patient experience. Quite frequently, this means more than the care itself, and includes logistics such as scheduling, billing, insurance claims, and others. Many oral surgery practices have fantastic doctors, but their practices get hamstrung because the business side is not well organized. At U.S. Oral Surgery Management, our suite of powerful tools enables our clients to stick to what they do best while allowing us to manage the finances. If you are opening a new oral surgery practice in the United States and are looking to partner with an experienced, professional finance team, call U.S. Oral Surgery Management today to learn more about what we do—and what we can do for you.

Fee schedules

Each oral surgery practice is different, and at U.S. Oral Surgery Management, we work with you to help craft and organize a fee schedule for your practice. You’ll work with one of our finance experts to ensure your practice has an optimized and easy-to-understand fee schedule. Our variety of online tools helps your back office run smoothly, so your doctors and administrative staff can focus on patient care.

Negotiating with suppliers

The finance world of oral surgery is more than fee schedules, insurance claims, and billing management. On a routine basis, your office will be talking with suppliers for equipment, medicine, and other needs for your practice. As an experienced liaison between both worlds, U.S. Oral Surgery Management can be the bridge between your practice and your suppliers. In the ever-changing medical landscape, the flurry of licensing and regulatory requirements often makes dealing with suppliers a hassle. At U.S. Oral Surgery Management, we take the guesswork out of supplier negotiations—and help save you money in the process.

Managing billing

Ensuring your billing system is organized and efficient is essential to your practice’s bottom line. Whether you are billing patients or keeping your payroll organized, making sure money is changing hands in the most streamlined way possible ensures your business doesn’t fall behind. If your practice has been bogged down with billing management, let our powerful tools be of assistance. Our online portal is powerful, secure, and easy to navigate, ensuring your administrative staff will be well-versed and in the know. We’ve been partnering with oral surgeons across the globe for years and are ready to help manage your billing today.

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Has your oral surgery practice been lacking efficiency and support on the billing side? Are your patients confused about billing procedures? Our team has the tools and resources to make your finance system transparent and easy to understand, which, in turn, leads to faster payments and more money for your practice. U.S. Oral Surgery Management is committed to fostering dependable growth for your oral surgery practice. The suite of tools in our portal help keep the administrative side of your business humming along.

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