Human Resources

Oral Surgery Practice Management Done Right

Keeping all the various aspects of your oral surgery practice running smoothly is easier said than done. With so many different components of the business to consider, from hiring and scheduling to financial oversight, it can often feel as though you have too little time and not enough hands.

If this sounds all too familiar, U.S. Oral Surgery Management is here for you. Our human resources opportunities can help you keep your thumb on the pulse, providing assistance in everything necessary to keep your practice moving forward.

Dedicated support to meet your needs

Your human capital is exceptionally valuable. The expense required to hire, train, and retain employees can be steep, creating a complex process that can cost you both time and money. However, hiring a dedicated HR team can be a burden too large to bear, leaving your office with a large need and no cost-effective way to fill it.

Luckily, we’re here to take the weight off your shoulders. Our HR resources can keep you covered, providing best in class support designed to help your practice run like a well-oiled machine. Our HR team can handle all the important aspects of hiring and personnel management to keep you focused on what you do best: oral surgery.

We’re available to help including:

Staff management

When you want a second set of eyes overseeing your staff, U.S. Oral Surgery Management is here to help. We’re well versed in all aspects of human resources, including ensuring staff members are trained and successful in their duties, managing through interpersonal conflicts, maintaining personnel files, answering questions, and making sure your policies and procedures are in compliance with the law.


Need new people in your office? Not a problem. Our recruiting services can place the best administrators, office assistants and surgical technicians for the practice, providing you more time to concentrate on patient care. We can handle the process from start to finish, from placement of ads, screening candidates, holding interviews, and managing the onboarding process. If you need to hire, you need our help!


As an oral surgery practice, your office and staff members must meet certain legal regulations. When you want to make sure you’re operating in accordance with state and federal law—and all your employees are up to date on their licenses and other credentials—our team can handle the details for you. With our experts handling the tedious credential process, you can ensure credentialing goes off without a hitch.

Customized resources for your budget

At U.S. Oral Surgery Management, we know that no two oral surgery practices are made equal. That’s why we’re always available to meet your needs. Our opportunities are scalable and customizable, offering the power of a full human resources department right in your office, for a fraction of the cost.

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Compensation & Benefits

Do you have staff that are continuously asking for more money? Is the cost of your medical insurance plan getting out of control? Let us help you by providing employee salary reviews and up-to-date market survey data to ensure competitive benefit packages for your staff. Our total rewards package will help you retain your employees while ensuring positive engagement for continued success.

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