June 5, 2023

The oral and maxillofacial surgery (OMS) industry is typically thought of as being a “man’s” world, with many more male surgeons than females, but Emily Frye, DDS, says being a woman in OMS can be an advantage.

“I think it’s all about perspective,” explains Dr. Frye. “A lot of my patients have told me that they sought me out as a surgeon because I am a woman. Some people consider us [women] kinder, gentler – qualities that they’re looking for in a surgeon.”

Dr. Frye admits that from time-to-time, people doubt her ability, and ask her if she’s strong enough to perform certain surgeries. They wonder whether or not she has what it takes. But those doubters quickly become believers, once they see what Dr. Frye can do.

A board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon with many years of experience, Dr. Frye is one of the most sought-after oral and maxillofacial surgeons in her state. She practices the full scope of OMS at Oral Maxillofacial Associates Lakeside, a boutique OMS practice located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

“I love helping people and making them happy, whether it’s getting rid of dentures and putting in implants, removing impacted wisdom teeth or helping someone who’s had a face trauma,” says Dr. Frye. “I love seeing the outcome on the other side, of giving people a whole new smile.”

Growing up in Amarillo, Texas, Dr. Frye was drawn to healthcare from an early age. As a girl, she played hospital with friends, took first-aid lessons to heart as a Girl Scout, and enjoyed medical-based TV shows. She was introduced to oral and maxillofacial surgery at The University of Oklahoma, where she decided to pursue it as a career. 

“In college, a friend of mine wanted to be an orthodontist. There was an undergrad interest meeting and she asked me to go with her,” recalls Dr. Frye. “There was an oral surgeon there, talking about his experiences, and that’s how I got interested in it.”

Dr. Frye earned her bachelor’s degree in chemistry from The University of Oklahoma. During her time as an undergrad, Dr. Frye worked for an oral surgeon, learning more about the specialty and patient care. Then, she entered dental school, graduating with her Doctor of Dental Surgery from The University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio.

She completed a general practice residency at the VA Medical Center in Oklahoma City, where she solidified her passion for oral and maxillofacial surgery, and continued her education. Dr. Frye completed a prestigious oral and maxillofacial surgery internship and a rigorous oral and maxillofacial surgery residency through The University of Oklahoma.

Today, Dr. Frye practices the full scope of oral and maxillofacial procedures at Lakeside Oral Surgery, where she’s been treating patients for 11 years. Dr. Frye and her staff are known for going-the extra mile for their patients in a relaxing and comfortable environment, outfitted with top quality medical equipment and technology. The staff has been known to take music requests from patients, playing the genre they desire most over the PA system, adjust the lighting to make them more comfortable, and other “little extras.”

“We never want our patients to feel rushed,” says Dr. Frye. “We want them to feel cared for, in every way. We’re big on TLC – we provide little extras to give our patients the best all-around experience possible.”

Dr. Frye adds that being an oral and maxillofacial surgeon in a private practice is a great opportunity for women, who want to help patients and have a family. “Work-life balance is extremely important, and being an oral and maxillofacial surgeon in a private practice can give you the flexibility you need to achieve that. You can choose to work three days a week, five days a week, seven days a week – whatever suits your schedule best. You can provide excellent patient care and still have time to have a family – and the flexibility to do both really well, particularly with a business model like ours.”

Dr. Frye is licensed to practice in the state of Oklahoma and is actively involved with a wide variety of professional organizations. She is the president of the Oklahoma Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons and a diplomate of the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons. In addition, she’s a member of the American Dental Association, the American Association of Women Dentists, American Society of Dentist Anesthesiologists, the Oklahoma Dental Association and the Oklahoma County Dental Association.

Dr. Frye lives in the Oklahoma City area with her husband and their twin children. When not working, she enjoys spending time with her family, going to OU football games and traveling.

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