We still want to know – How are you spending your time?

Dry Creek Oral Surgery

“Many of my family members and friends are in healthcare and finding it hard to find masks.  I decided to make some for them.” – Lettie Bruckner, Practice Manager

Southern Surgical Arts

“I have been trying to spend as much time as possible by the water with family.” – Karla McCutcheon

“Enjoying spending lots of time with Peighton!” – Dana Clark

“I’ve been spending some quality time with Burt and Buddy in the backyard.” – Jill Trimble

“Brendon and I made a quick trip together to the beach.” – Stephanie Lasseter

“Emerson taking it easy with the family at the cabins.” – Dawn Beaird 

Austin Oral Surgery

“I’ve been doing a lot of eating, playing billiards in the garage and going on dates with my wife, Sandy, in the bed of my truck -‘ tailgating’.” – Anthony Cerase 

Texas Market

“You know you live in Texas when you see this during your walk through the neighborhood!” – Mary Nixon, Vice President of Practice Transition

Colorado Market

“More snow!” – Carol Ahrens, Regional Director of Operations

Fort Bend Oral Surgeons

“Hey y’all! All is good in with us! Unfortunately, Stetson was bit by a copperhead on Saturday night while at his dads. He is doing okay right now, but he is very swollen. We celebrated our Easter early. The Easter Bunny brought by a new sweet puppy that the boys named Rio.”  – Stephanie Jenkins

“We spent the weekend at our lake house on Lake Jackson. Beautiful weather and a big catch!!” – Carmen Cooper