When you are in your worst moods. Wait. Be patient. The storm will pass. The spring will come. – Robert H. Schuller

Both Easter and Passover symbolize moving past adversities toward renewal and freedom. Spring is the ultimate symbol of rebirth.  All good things to focus upon during this unfamiliar time.    We hope that you spent time enjoying family (if you were able to) and connecting with friends.  Here are few ways our team members spent the holiday weekend.


“Easter egg hunt with our adult children!” – Susie Barnett, Executive Administrative Assistant


“Making cookies with Madison, Noah and Tank the bulldog!” – Mary Nixon, Vice President of Practice Transition


“Looking at the new fallen snow on Easter morning.  What happened to Spring?” – Carol Ahrens, Regional Director of Operations


“As I’m sure many of you are experiencing, the boys are getting pretty shaggy and rough looking without their routine haircuts from their favorite hair stylist.  So this weekend I became their new favorite stylist!  And if I might say so myself, I did pretty good!  Can’t even tell used a bowl!

We also worked on completing a 1000 piece Texas puzzle.  We found that every 20 minutes or so we would yell, “Rotate” and sit in a different chair.  This helped get new eyes on that section of the puzzle.  We put it together in about 3 hours.” – Annette Igl, Vice President of HR



“Dallas weather was great on Friday so I went for a long bike ride around the lake. We had rain on Saturday morning so I sat and had coffee for a bit, and yesterday was hit/miss on the weather; but I spent the day with a few friends who introduced me to croquet. In my run yesterday morning; I ran across this message “How Are You Really” and it made me check myself, but then I wondered how everyone was REALLY doing. Please feel free to reach out anytime, day or night if you need anything or if there is anything you are struggling with at the moment.”  – Brandon Contreras, Regional Director of Operations


“We had a perfect weekend cooking and spending time will our daughter Amelia Frances – 18 months!” – Kevin Stewart, Director of Doctor Recruitment

“Loved being with my kids and having a fun Easter weekend!” – Susan Strittmatter, Director of Operations